Uvation’s Applied Sciences division is responsible for applying scientific fundamentals
to real world problems thus innovating new technologies and methodologies
required to succeed in today’s practical world.


Uvation’s main goal has always been the final frontier.
We solely believe that human species must accept the philosophy of “Think outside the Planet“.

Our Focus areas in the Aerospace industry is developing technologies that will advance
humanities mission to expand beyond our solar system.

Areas of Research:
Deep Space Human Exoskeleton Suits     –     Humanoid Defense Systems      –     Deep Space Vehicles


We believe that the world must have organizations to keep rogue elements of society in check
and if necessary to seek and destroy with utmost perfection.

Uvation’s Defense systems core focus areas comprise of developing technologies and gear
needed to prevail and act as a deterant for our adversaries.

Areas of interest and projects:
Advance Cyber technologies   –   Advance Operative Defensive Weapons Systems   –   Robotics and Drone Technologies



Robotics is an essential part of the human experience. We believe in the not too distant future,
the world economy and its sustainability will depend heavily on the Robotic engines. Our robots of
the future will be designed to perform tasks with utmost efficiency to sustain an evergrowing human civilization.

Uvation robotics system’s core focus area comprise of developing technologies necessary to build robots
of the future impacting life in a meaningful way.

Areas of interest and projects:
Machine learning     –     Humanoid Robots     –     Industry Specific Robotic Applications



Artificial Intelligence is profoundly entering and has the ability to alter human experience
and existence in a positive way.

Uvation AI Research division’s core focus comprises developing AI technologies in collaboration
with industry experts in its prolific evolution and adoption.

Areas of interest and projects:
Machine learning    –    AI Open Source Framework    –    AI Compute Nodes



Cryptography has created a new era in Fintech evolution and cryptocurrencies are just the beginning.

Uvation’s Fintech and Blockchain projects comprise of compute nodes geographically distributed to
power blockchain platforms and applying security methodologies to secure the blockchain ecosystem.

Areas of interest and projects:
Mining    –    Security    –     Blockchain     –     Distributed Cloud Platforms     –     Secure Biometric and 2FA Integration


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